The entire festival is constantly patrolled by professional security staff to make sure that you and your belongings are safe and you can have lots of uninterrupted fun. By applicable law, you cannot hold any items that can endanger the physical integrity of others. You cannot hold any items that are considered (by applicable law) ’particularly dangerous to public safety’ (examples include: knife with a blade longer than 8cm, switchblades, pepper spray, bludgeon, chains, etc.); it constitutes an offense. You cannot bring any items made of glass or any offensive weapons such as cutting and thrusting weapons and bludgeoning weapons (this includes hammers, small axes, and hatchets!!). In Hungary, owning and consuming both light and hard drugs constitutes a felony, therefore it is strictly forbidden in the entire festival area.


Every time you enter the festival area you have to go through a security procedure. Only intact armbands will be accepted; people with torn, damaged or glued/tied armbands are not eligible to enter the festival. The security check includes the inspection of all luggage as well. Other than the aforementioned items, it is forbidden to bring any alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. You are allowed to bring unopened bottles of mineral water and a non-commercial quantity (enough for you, not enough to sell) of tobacco products and food items. 6 days tickets are valid for a whole festival between the 6th of July (10:00) and the 12th of July (12:00). Day tickets are valid from 1:00 (a.m.) the given day, to 12:00 (p.m.) the next day.


There is constant medical service and an ambulance available throughout the duration of the festival. The ambulance and the medical tent are available 24/7 for every attendee. Please take care of yourself and help the work of the medical staff if needed.


There are several separate female and male showering facilities and flush toilets. These are kept clean by 24-hour cleaning staff.


There is a beach located next to the festival area. The beach is open between 9:00 and 19:00. It has its own policies which must be adhered to by all festival-goers as well. The body of water that is available for swimming is surrounded by buoys. There is lifeguard service at the beach at all hours of opening. The beach cannot be occupied by intoxicated people.


The car parks around the entrance of the festival and the car parks on the island, in general, are free and they are often patrolled by our security staff and the local police forces. However, it is not an official guarded car park, and we are not liable for your cars and valuables left in the car park.  These car parks are for guests with 6-day passes. In case these fill up, late-comers will be redirected to the car park located in the intersection of Magyar út (Magyar road) and Aranyvölgyi út (Aranyvölgyi road), with the help of the local police. Festival-goers arriving on motorcycles or bicycles can enter the festival area with their vehicles, but the engine of the motorcycles have to be switched off (you have to push your motorcycle in). There are separate storage rooms for bicycles. Motorcycles can be kept in the car parks or in the big camp next to the owner’s tents. Cars are welcome in the car camping.


There is free non-stop luggage storage available at the camp. You can also charge your phones for free, but you have to bring your own chargers. Any medications that must be stored in a fridge can also be kept here. Please use this storage to keep your valuables in to help prevent theft.


There is a small shop available at the festival where you can purchase all items at a regular store price. Support the festival by purchasing your basic food items, water, and other assorted items at the festival shop.


It is strictly forbidden and extremely dangerous to produce a fire at any location at the venue. One can only appear in any pictures with his/her consent; however one cannot claim any rights from the photographer or the organizers of the event. Image and audio recording is only possible with the consent of the festival organizers, but you can take photographs. Without the written consent of the festival organizers, no commercial or advertising activities can be conducted. The festival will be held regardless of the possible weather conditions.


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